The Successful Garden

Happy Spring!

We LOVE this time of year in this house because the sun is rising to a nice 60 degrees during the day but you still want the fire on at night.

Also exciting is planting Spring crops!

As I will tell anyone and everyone, I am trying to homestead as much as possible while working a full-time job, SO I have to be wise about spending my time. Also, I don’t just have the weekends free to garden endlessly because I also try to be involved in my community, by hanging out with friends, exercising, tutoring, going to church, book club, etc. The list goes on and ON. So, in order for me to actually get these things accomplished I have to do a quick easy task daily. Today it was sunny and warm enough so I got to work outside (YES!). I spent some time planting more cool season crops. I am planting these in the backyard where they will get ~8 hours of sun, but will be saved from the summer suns hot afternoon heat. I am hoping that during the summer this helps the spinach, arugula and radicchio I planted there to not bolt. We will see. 

I know the soil looks dry, but it will rain all day tomorrow, so I figured I wouldn’t bother wasting the water. The seeds I used for this planting are the Tall Telephone Shelling Pea, Bloomsdale Lonstanding spinach, Castelfranco radicchio and Roquette arugula. I pictured the first 3 below and the arugula seeds I got from NE seed company.

Some more updates:

Garlic is sprouting! Perennials herbs are coming in! Bulbs are turning green! Below are two of the most exciting pictures thus far this year. We are getting garlic sprouts. Its happening. For those of you who don’t know I go through at least 2 garlic bulbs per week so garlic is no joke in this household. We are also hoping to get some garlic to sell at the farmers market. 

Long story short. YAY Garlic!

Secondly, as I was assessing how much work I need to do to prepare the beds, I noticed that we had a perennial (or volunteer plant? I will have to check which one chamomile is) that was growing again. Below we have some German Chamomile that is doing much better than I ever saw it do when I purposely planted it. Perhaps this is because it is a cool weather herb?

I don’t know, all I know is this I am excited for homemade chamomile tea! The leaves on our thyme and oregano plants are turning green!

Last but not least some more alliums! Chives! These were actually planted by the previous owner of the house and are still here even though this is our second year and I did not do any sort of tending for them at all. To be honest, last summer I barely watered them. Just goes to show, life finds a way.

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